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February 6th

February 6th. Two events today.

It’s Superbowl Monday for us viewers in Australia. After following the sport when we lived in the US, I try to watch it each year.

I actually saw quite a bit of the game this morning… although it’s just not the same without chicken wings! Also we don’t get any of the ads in our coverage which is half the point really. Great finish. Well done Giants. They’re not my first team to support (Go Pack Go!) but just thinking about their name always makes me smile after seeing the film Madagascar:

Where are you giants from? 

We’re from New York. 

 All hail the New York Giants! 


Not sure whether I was impressed by the half time show. But I guess you can’t ask a 50-something to leap around AND sing without a backing track.I thought Kelly Clarkson sounded great. She’s clearly at a much healthier weight than she has been recently so good on her!

Feb 6th is also Waitangi Day in New Zealand. It’s not really celebrated as such, but I hope any NZers out there enjoyed their public holiday.

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