Dealing with infertility while living down under

Here’s a confession for you….

on March 15, 2012

I have never had acupuncture. Not once. Never. Not planning to either.

Now before I get bombarded with stories about how AMAZING it is, and how I TOTALLY got pregnant using acupuncture, can I just say that I am well aware of the German protocol.

I know it involved 160 women only, who had to have good embryo quality. (well that’s me out)

I also know that the 80 who didn’t receive acupuncture, didn’t receive sham acupuncture either.

Further trials involving more women and eliminating the placebo effect seem to be inconclusive. No one can say for sure. Which for me means that I would be spending money, time and hope on something that might work as well as standing on your head after sex.

I don’t do that either.

Today I had another woman more or less berate me for not giving acupuncture a go. It seems I was letting the infertility team down by not trying absolutely everything.

I know there’s a massive industry in acupuncture for infertility, but then again there’s a massive industry in miracle weight loss cures too. Just because it’s big and powerful doesn’t mean it works. It seems to me to be a bit foolish to pin your hopes/cash on something just because other people tell you to.

However, if anyone’s got hold of recent medical grade trials that prove acupuncture would work for me, I’d be more than happy to join the queue at my local clinic…

…while holding my coffee.


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