Dealing with infertility while living down under


on February 23, 2012

… sorry!… have been a bit neglectful blog wise the last couple of weeks. I’ve been overseas and without net access (which is a killer – you suddenly realise how much you rely on it. I actually had to dig out a telephone directory to find a restaurant number.) So apologies.

As you may have gathered from my past few posts, I have only just moved to Sydney and am trying to settle in. The main issue occupying everyone’s thoughts here at the moment is the weather. It’s poured rain for 4 months. Which would be acceptable except it’s mid summer. When we first moved here I went to the garden centre and bought heaps of drought tolerant plants. You can imagine what they look like at the moment. I should have planted irises.

The other thing occupying my time is job hunting. As most of you know, if you don’t have kids there’s not a whole heap to keep you busy at home so I am keen to get working as soon as possible. It’s proving to be more problematic than I thought but I am plugging away, hopeful that something will turn up soon.  In the meantime I have discovered that I am quite good at baking. Although making large chocolate cakes when there’s only you and your husband to eat them is a recipe for disaster (pun totally intended).

Of course the sensible thing to do would be to acknowledge that this period of not working would be a great time to start another round of IVF. I should really make a few phone calls and see what options are out there…..maybe after I make that batch of muffins….


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