Dealing with infertility while living down under

Ten years…

on February 6, 2012
The skyline of the Sydney central business dis... 

Welcome to my blog!

About ten years ago (end of 2001 as far as I can remember) I went to the doctor. We’d been trying – or at least not, not trying, for a year and the result was zilch, nada, nothing. So thinking to myself “well, I’m only 27 but a checkup can’t hurt’ I headed to the doctor, unwittingly setting myself on a path of meds, injections, countless doctors, countless procedures in 2 different countries, IUIs, IVFs, hours and hours of reading magazines in waiting rooms while staring at photos of other people’s babies, thousands and thousands of dollars (I really wish I’d kept complete track) and a familiarity with hospital procedures that I wish I didn’t have. On the plus side, you can now stick a needle in my arm and I pretty much don’t notice. I have also lost any sense that having your legs over your head with 3 other people in the room is an unusual situation.

After IVF number 4 failed, I’m taking a break and trying to feel my way through what to do next. Do I “just keep trying”, as so many “helpful” people have suggested? or throw in the towel (ovulation kit?)?

I am currently living in Australia and enjoying chilling out this summer, despite all the rain!


3 responses to “Ten years…

  1. Welcome! I look foward to getting to know you and your journey. *hugs (from the USA)*

  2. Roxxroxx says:

    Hi there. I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make. I am just starting out (less than a year) but our doc says we might as well try IVF now as IUI is so imprecise. In the back of my mind is that ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ question. It must be unbearably hard, as I already feel desperate, so early on the journey. All the very best, and I will follow your blog.

  3. Slynn says:

    Welcome to the community! Excited to keep in touch.

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